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Case Examples

Case #1 - We helped the ten owners of a manufacturing business define their vision for the next generation, execute a plan to expand their business, recapitalize their balance sheet and set the stage for the next generation of family leadership. Our efforts resulted in the:

  • launch of new long-term strategy crafted by the next generation of family leadership 

  • engagement of new value-added directors

  • formation of $80 million of minority equity capital

  • formation of $60 million of bank debt

  • funding of a new $100 million greenfield processing plant

  • generation of $40 million of liquidity to shareholders

Case #2 - We assisted a family business establish the long term goals of multiple owners. Working with ownership and partnering with management, we designed a dividend policy to provide liquidity to shareholders and developed options for the creation of long term value and liquidity. Considerations involved in this project included family legacy, divergent cash flow needs of shareholders and the business, and differing investment risk tolerance by differing shareholders.

Case #3 - We are assisting a successful owner / entrepreneur prepare for his eventual exit from his two operating businesses. We've partnered with management to develop and execute a strategic plan which involves growth through acquisition for one business and the repositioning of resources and organic global growth for the second. Our strategy includes the reorganization of the overall business structure and the realignment of management by business segment. To date, our efforts have resulted in the:

  • completion of a strategy to minimize estate taxes

  • development of a business plan for each operating company

  • re-envisioning of the value-proposition of the business in light of global resource scarcity issues

  • introduction to potential new strategic partners related to global expansion plans 

  • bank financing for the successful acquisition of an operating company

  • financing of the acquisition of a second operating company (pending)


Case #4 - We are assisting the owners of a 4th generation family agricultural producer consider and execute growth, diversification and risk mitigation options. To date, we have:

  • independently underwritten opportunities in their industry and markets driven by global trends and regulatory impacts as a test of their investment thesis

  • helped contemplate a single, sizable acquisition by determining capitalization options and impacts. We introduced private equity and insurance capital sources interested in participating and helped conclude the right strategy was a series of smaller acquisitions and incremental capacity growth which could be funded on a project finance basis with no equity dilution for the family. 

  • financed the acquisition of a new business which doubled production capacity and added significant EBITDA over the past two years.

  • established go-forward relationships with institutional capital (non-traditional lender and insurance company) and helped negotiate with a strategic off-take partner for a large scale greenfield project development that will break ground in 3Q2015 and again double the size of the operation.

  • continually participated in risk identification and mitigation strategies involving fixing existing floating rate debt, dealing with environmental issues and regulations while exploring new opportunities driven by emerging technologies that affect the agriculture industry.


case examples
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